Recon/Medical Android


Military Android designed for assisting soldiers in the field with recon and medical capabilities. While still in the prototype phase, a malfunction in his circuitry destroyed most of his navigation systems, as well as his GPS location systems. Many of his directives were also erased or altered following his own internal repairs and diagnostic systems.

DIRECTIVE: 1. – guard - —ryt—-- -- --—--- quit my post --- ---ed. 2. – —-ob- -cial- -—- perform —of - duties —military—nn—-. 3. – ——epor—vi- --—ord-- —ncies-—-- --red ----truc-—re—-. 4. – -ensure —survival - —friend- forces, - -- r-- - - safety. 5. I not harm, or —se -- - to ——n, woman, - c- under any circumstance.


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