Galaxy City

Session #2

Written by Captain Doooom

Entry for Tuesday May 8th, 2035.

We flew out of the bank at speeds nearing at least 40ish miles an hour after our first encounter with Nasty Man.

News helicopters caught up with us partway through the journey. Midflight, Doom decided to relegate all over this helicopter to let them know what was up, teleporting into the helicopter and disabling the 3 pilots. Attempting to send a message of fear, teleported them out of the aircraft onto a nearby building and watched the helicopter spin out of control and crash into a nearby building engulfing itself in a ball of fire. UNFORTUNATELY the main torso of the helicopter landed on a group of nuns. Doom is convinced that the nuns deserved it. The rest of the group doesn’t so much agree. Agree to disagree. Look on the bright side, the helicopter pilots, building and nuns will never mess with us again.

Also, almost positive the news has a ton of footage of us doing hero(ish) things. The rest of the party stopped to help the survivors from the helicopter crash, with the DR. stabilizing those he could as well as the robot (who happened to be walking through the area) and Andy.

Doom was recognized by a persistent camera woman, and attempted a pants teleport distraction. Only succeeded in scaring the man and onlookers.

Realizing that the situation was turning poor as cops were getting antsy and calling in on radios whilst looking at Doom, he decided to exit stage right, some 250 meters down the block.

The other team members were thanked graciously by one Officer Manning (who is most certainly gay, and gay for the robot, who is also definitely gay). The robot keeps giving people very strange names. Do not know where he comes up with them.

Doom takes a break at the local ice cream store.

The new edition of the game “Mega World” is due out tomorrow. Sounds important. Maxi mart is the place to pick it up if you were interested.

Back at the comic books store, we meet up again. The robot opens the oddly shaped box we retrieved from the bank (attempted) heist. After some brute force attempts at it by the blunt tool of the group, it opens revealing a strange object that resembles something they called a ‘tube’. Whatever. We think it might be important and have hidden it somewhere no one would ever think to look.

The group makes a startling discover that many of us have strange stitches in our lower backs. Attempting to rip them out, doom fails at even scratching the blunt tools skin.

Do not trust party anymore after being attacked. Planning their downfall now. Hope they don’t read this.

Session #1

The log for the first adventure would go here. Andy will be writing this one.


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