Galaxy City

Session #4

The log for the fourth adventure. el Doctor will be writing this one.

Some of the most amazing rolls I have ever seen…. and more combat.

Shit went down. Our epic battle to save Jason Watts-Long (JWL) continues and escalates outside the MaxiMart. The surviving spherical robots carrying JWL fianlly managed to reach the outside of the building. They leapt out onto one of the vans waiting outside. In hot pursuit, the heroes followed only to discover that Andy’s wife was being held hostage by one of the van drivers.

Andy immediately flew to his wife’s aid, but to everyone’s surprise he was immediately intercepted by one of the drivers who flew to meet him, and Andy had to knock him away. Meanwhile, Amadeus, in a typically impulsive act of heroism, teleported himself into the van the spheroids were standing on, only to discover he couldn’t start the van. He did find a mysterious key though, before getting stunned by a driver who also teleported into the van.

Andy decided to use his environment to his advantage, repeatedly using a man-hole cover as a weaponized frisbee against a van and the driver holding his wife, eventually freeing her. After examining her, however, Andy suspects that his wife may have been replaced by an imposter.

As Dr. Wong emerges from the MaxiMart, the spheroids begin to fly, attempting to escape with the still unconscious JWL. The doctor uses his telekinesis to seize hold of JWL and prevents the robots from absconding with him. Jinzo the Death Toaster finally joins the fray, using his powerful laser weapon to obliterate one of the spheroids holding JWL. He is then aided by Andy who arrives to destroy the remaining robot with a mighty blow.

Amadeus is attacked by a driver and is launched into the air. He is saved before crashing to the ground in a bloody mess by Dr. Wong, who is now holding onto both JWL and Amadeus with his telekinesis.

Two of the drivers replace the spheroids in trying to fly away with JWL, overpowering Dr. Wong’s telekinetic hold. In a highly improbable display of teamwork, Amadeus teleports himself high into the air where Andy catches him and throws him toward the escaping drivers. Dr. Wong uses his mind control to force one of the drivers to let go of JWL and instead grab the other driver, while Amadeus knocks both drivers off JWL, who is caught once again by Dr. Wong. It was awesome.

The two remaining drivers lift off to replace the first two in holding JWL, but Dr. Wong casts illusion to make one of them mistake the other for JWL. Andy knocks away the other driver, and JWL falls. Again. And is caught. Again. But this time by a driver, who is then forced by mind control to drop him. Again. JWL finally hits the ground, battered, bruised and broken, but alive.

Amadeus and Jinzo team up to fight one of the drivers. As the driver is knocked unconscious by Amadeus, the driver appears to shimmer. When Jinzo finally delivers the death blow, the driver again shimmers before disappearing completely. Andy manages to knock out another driver solo.

The battle will be continued in the next session.


Dude. That was a lot of writing.

Session #4

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