Galaxy City

Session #3

0200 – An agent working with Jinks and Cooper delivered a letter, contents are as follows:

•••Start Letter••• Would-Be-Heroes, We are well aware of the party that you held on your train-ride over to Galaxy City, as well as the heist at the bank. The four of you showed tremendous teamwork despite having never worked with one another before, and we want you to elect a team leader amongst yourselves to further this development. The team leader will be held accountable for all of your actions, such as the debacle involving those sisters. It is also advised that you do not tamper with the devices we have placed on your lower back.

Agent Jinks

Agent Cooper •••End Letter•••

0730 – Discussion: Amadeus brought up the letter that was delivered in the night. Andy was voted leader by Amadeus and Dr. Wong.

0740 – Suggestion: Andy advises all of us to disguise ourselves as Mega World characters to conceal a team-mate and his oblong weaponry.

0800 – Our party and Andy’s wife arrive at the MaxiMart. Five civilians notice one among us is carrying a gimmick Scythe.

0815 – Rambling: Civilians are overly excited about the release of Megaworld, as well as the appearance of Jason Watz-Long, the game programmer who will be present at the store.

0830 – Five Megaworld vans arrive and park outside of the store; the drivers exit their vehicles and stand waiting.

0835 – Amadeus begins to harass a driver, and calls Andy over.

0840 – Amadeus calls Jinzo over to inspect the driver.

•••Start Inspection••• Driver looks human •••End Inspection•••

0850 – Amusement: Amadeus tells security guard of a bomb inside the Megaworld Van.

0855 – Diversion: Amadeus attempts to start a fight; failed. •••Detector Drone Released•••

0900 – The store opens. •••Detector Drone Collected•••

0915 – Observation: Loose woman with herd of children propositions everyone in our party regarding Megaworld.

0920 – Three large crates were delivered to the back of the store.

0925 – Observation: Lots of noises can be heard from the back of the store. Jason Watz-Long and security detail are shot by blue and red beams of light. All three appear to be unconscious.

0930 – Combat: I move to aid Jason Watz-Long.

•••Shutting Down Primary Directives•••

Dr. Wong telepathically orders a Sphere Robot to shoot its companion.

Several Sphere Robots carry Jason Watz-Long towards the front of the store.

Andy nearly kills Jason Watz-Long while attacking nearby Sphere Robot. Andy shouts for us to ‘Save Jason Watz-Long.’ •••Directive Received•••

Jinzo moves towards Jason Watz-Long to administer aid.

Amadeus attacks indiscriminately, hitting multiple Sphere Robots, Jinzo, Andy, and nearly killing Jason Watz-Long. •••Start Reclassification••• Amadeus: Enemy—Yes/[No] •••End Reclassification•••

Sphere Robots continue to carry Jason Watz-Long towards the front of the store.

Andy punches Sphere Robot outside of the store.


MaxiMart Megaworld



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